• America Over The Edge

    America Over The Edge

    Travel 50,000 kilometres over America’s Eastern Seaboard Like you’ve never seen it before. America Over the Edge blazes a trail along an incredible frontier – an aerial journey high above the...


  • Canada 360

    Canada 360

    A 5-year, 20,000 kilometre circumnavigation over the longest coastline on earth, from sea, to sea, to sea. “Canada 360” is an epic adventure – a first ever, five-year circumnavigation of...


  • Ocean Parks

    Ocean Parks

    Ocean Parks explores spectacular protected marine habitats, showcasing the incredible wildlife living above and below the surface. What is being done to protect the most-sensitive areas of the earth’s oceans?...


  • The Living Beach

    The Living Beach

    In this series we visit some of the world’s most amazing beaches to visually discover the secrets of the living beach. How do beaches function? Where do the waves come...


  • Wild Wild East

    Wild Wild East

    Wild Wild East is a sprawling 4K natural history series set on the jagged coast of Canada’s eastern shore. The series reveals the secret lives and untold tales of wildlife...


  • Reef Wrecks

    Reef Wrecks

    There are more than 3 million known shipwreck sites in the world. Some hold riches – others reveal lost history. But the most spectacular wrecks are the ones that simply...


  • Animal Empires

    Animal Empires

    There are special places in the world where animals gather to feed, to mate, to live, to build, to be safe and to die. In each episode of Animal Empires...


  • Hope For Wildlife

    Hope For Wildlife

    In Canada’s rugged east coast wilderness each year Hope Swinimer’s HOPE FOR WILDLIFE organization nurses thousands of sick, injured, abandoned and lost animals back to health and returns them to...


  • Canada over the Edge

    Canada over the Edge

    CANADA OVER THE EDGE is back for another season of exploration—this time zooming in on the vast, unexplored regions of Northern Canada. The boreal forest, barren landscape, and ice-covered peaks...


  • Deadly Journeys of the Apostles

    Deadly Journeys of the Apostles

    JERUSALEM TO THE NORTH Though their stories cannot be found in the Bible, legends claim that Apostles Jude, John and James the Less embarked north, and their martyrdom enshrines them...


  • Battle of Kings: Bannockburn

    Battle of Kings: Bannockburn

    By 1314, through effort and intrigue, Scottish King Robert Bruce had captured every major English-held castle except Stirling. Now English King Edward II would try to stop him – and...


  • Tattle Tails

    Tattle Tails

    Tattle Tails is a series of comedy shorts for children featuring wildlife footage revealing the secret and hilarious lives of animals, as we imagine them, in Canada’s parks, zoos and wildlife...


  • Polar Bears – A Summer Odyssey

    Polar Bears – A Summer Odyssey

    Shot over twelve months, this blue chip wildlife documentary tells the story a young polar bear’s epic migration through the icy waters of Hudson Bay and his subsequent adventures on...


  • Big Bear & Squeak

    Big Bear & Squeak

    Big Bear and Squeak is an interactive and playful puzzle based series for preschoolers aged 3-5 years. It reflects children’s interest in playing guessing games and the natural world around...


  • Swingin’ Jubilee

    Swingin’ Jubilee

    Swingin’ Jubilee is a TV show about a struggling big band, The Jubilee Swing Orchestra, inviting guest vocalist to perform at swing dance shows. Singers from all genres of music...


  • Chasing Unicorns

    Chasing Unicorns

    The narwhal is the unicorn of the sea, a pale-colored porpoise found in Canadian Arctic and Greenlandic waters and rivers. Now, a group of scientists, explorers and adventurers traces the...


  • The Devil we Know

    The Devil we Know

    This is the story of the Devil as told through his dark manifestations in art, music and popular culture throughout history. The Devil You Know can be watched online at...


  • Last stand of the Templars

    Last stand of the Templars

    The Templars were considered the pope’s private army, protecting Jerusalem for more than 50 years. But their legacy came to a sudden end casting them from the heights of wealth...


  • TV with TV’s Jonathan Torrens

    TV with TV’s Jonathan Torrens

    Every week through comedic commentary and satirical sketch, TV’s Jonathan Torrens gives the Big Picture on the Small Screen in a show that is both a celebration and a condemnation...




    It is one of religion’s most sacred legacies – Solomon’s Lost Temple – built from ancient blueprints – revealed by the hand of god. Destroyed by a deadly siege 5...


  • Chasing Wild Horses

    Chasing Wild Horses

    Chasing Wild Horses is the story of a famous New York fashion photographer whose search for true beauty takes him to Sable Island where he documents wild horses as the...


  • Aquateam


    A team of young scuba divers explore shipwrecks. Kids get to do more cool stuff in the ocean than they would ever be allowed to do on land, but they...


  • Go Deep

    Go Deep

    If you understand the urge to go into unexplored places, have a passion for innovation, adventure and technology, the ocean is the wild west of the 21st century. If you...


  • I Prophesy

    I Prophesy

    Rapture Ready Since its introduction in the 19th century, the idea and concept of the “Rapture” has changed the face of the Christian religion, particularly in North America. Rooted in...


  • The History of the Future

    The History of the Future

    The Future of is a half hour series of programs about the future of society, science, technology and spirituality.The series examines how the greatest, and sometimes most diabolical minds, in...


  • Super Natural Investigator

    Super Natural Investigator

    Guardian Angels They have been reported for centuries – spiritual beings walking among us, protecting us from danger. New studies say, in the 21st century, millions continue to believe these...


  • Freemasonry Revealed

    Freemasonry Revealed

    Our new series, Freemasonry Revealed, follows up Inside Freemasonry (2004) It is intended for a general audience, Freemasons and non-Freemasons alike. With vivid visual detail we explore every wild thing...


  • Dreamwrecks


    Dreamwrecks is a series about a passionate team of shipwreck explorers who travel the world to visually document the most beautiful and mysterious shipwrecks ever discovered....


  • That News Show

    That News Show

    That News Show searches the world to find the most interesting and unussual local news pieces. From Deadmen’s toes in the liquor in Alaska to lythical creatures in trees in...


  • Inside Freemasonry

    Inside Freemasonry

    Inside Freemasonry follows the experiences of four young men as they prepare to enter into the world’s oldest and most well known ‘secret society’. Inside Freemasonry is the first documentary...


  • Buried at Sea

    Buried at Sea

    Weapons of mass destruction aren’t new. Between the Second World War and the 1970’s millions of tons of chemical weapons and munitions were dumped into the ocean and forgotten. Today,...


  • Sluts


    High school can often be a cruel place. Divisions are drawn between all types of kids. Some are jocks, cheerleaders, nerds, drama geeks and Goths. But there is one person...


  • Marine Machines

    Marine Machines

    Marine Machines is all about incredible technology and the people who bring it into being and put it to work in the last unexplored part of our planet  – the...


  • Mabel Bell’s Aerial Experiment

    Mabel Bell’s Aerial Experiment

    The story of a woman and an organization that changed the course of aviation history. Deaf from the age of 5, Mabel Bell not only defied society’s expectations by speaking...