Canada Over The Edge Season 4


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Canada Over the Edge is an aerial-documentary series exploring the geography, landscapes – and people – that define the vast, unexplored reaches of Northern Canada.

From Sirmilik National Park at the northern extremity of Baffin Island, to the Northernmost frontier linking the Yukon territory and Alaska – we follow a perimeter measuring more than 160,000 kilometres of Arctic coast. This expanse of boreal forest, barren landscape, and soaring, ice-covered peaks covers more than 3.9 million square kilometres – representing nearly 40% of Canada. Along the way, we soar above incredible communities – from Pond Inlet, NU in the northeast, to Haines Junction, YT in the northwest.

On the ground, we reveal the unique cultural, and historical aspects of this region – from residents that have lived here for generations. Northern Canada is home to just over 100,000 people – making it one of the least densely populated regions on the planet. Many residents are of Inuit descent – with family histories stretching back hundreds of years. Others are more recent arrivals – drawn by stories of rich oil fields, endless wilderness – and even rumours of gold.