Hope For Wildlife

In Canada’s rugged east coast wilderness each year Hope Swinimer’s HOPE FOR WILDLIFE organization nurses thousands of sick, injured, abandoned and lost animals back to health and returns them to their natural habitat. Hope for Wildlife, Season four is currently is post production at Arcadia. Air dates coming soon. Hope for Wildlife, Season one, two, three and four are on Oasis HD at various times during the day.

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  1. This is one of the best programs on TV. I watch it every day over here in the UK via Pick TV which is a Free view channel.

    • Same here Andy, great show!

  2. Couldn´t agree more, patiently awaiting season 4 here in Europé (Viasat Nature).

  3. Caz

    Love Craig’s voiceovers and when Hope drags Camera crew into helping. Live the program so much I set up a UK fan page on Facebook. HFW LIKES the page too. We’d love to see what’s happening in 2014 but we’re now on a repeat loop.

  4. We can’t watch Hope for Wildlife because it is only available in HD on the Rogers network. I emailed TVO
    last year suggesting it would be a good fit for their programming. Perhaps you would have better luck marketing Hope for Wildlife other channels. We loved the shows that we have seen elsewhere, and donated to the new

  5. Hope for Wildlife has extended their fundraising efforts. If you can donate, please go to http://www.hopeforwildlife.net.

  6. Love the music and the show its wonderful me and my hubby both watch it with our cat at our sides
    was wanting information about the music on the show Blue Skies above you
    Someone to love
    Ain’t half bad who is the singer please

  7. Who narrator the Hope for Life

    • Admin

      The amazing Craig Ferguson is the Narrator 🙂

  8. Have been watching the repeats on Tuesday nights on Love Nature. I’m always surprised how soon it ends! Hope there will be many new series to follow. Thanks Hope, Barry & lovely volunteers for taking care of all critters! What happened to the bat that you were given special permission to take care of – or is that part of a new series?

  9. Having just visited and met Hope Winimer in Seaforth Nova Scotia in October 2016,I must comment that the job that she and her volunteers is exceptional in assisting animals in distress is exceptional.
    I wish Hope for Wildlife much success in a new TV series as it is heartwarming to know that there are caring people like she and her volunteers in an ever increasing dangerous world to wildlife caused by Man.
    I encourage everyone to visit her website and support this most valuable assistance to our wildlife.

  10. Awesome show. Love the high quality production values.
    I once watched it for 13 hours straight while nursing a New Year’s Day hangover.

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