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Over 500 hours of broadcast credits worldwide.

Arcadia Entertainment produces real life - driven, popular and entertaining TV programming. We are a ‘360’ company doing all aspects of our work from development through to graphics and music in a creative hive organization. We’ve successfully produced and delivered over 500 hours of global premium programing since 2001. We’re creative and we care. We find undeveloped situations, see the possibilities, decide on a course of action, and then devote the whole of our resources to carrying it out our productions. It’s the greatest joy in life. We began in 2001 by telling stories about ocean adventures filled with colourful characters, amped up gear and high stakes. Our imaginations took us to series and specials about wildlife, secret societies, unexplored places and the great mysteries of civilization. Arcadia’s work has won two Canadian Screen Awards, a 2013 Emmy nomination and dozens of awards from festivals around the world. You can see our series and specials on Discovery, National Geographic, History, Smithsonian, CBC and other broadcasters in over 100 countries around the world.

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What we have accomplished
  • The Black Files Declassified

    Every year, the government funds clandestine programs collectively called the black budget. But what’s exactly behind these secretive missions operating around the globe?

    The Black Files Declassified
  • Black Bear Red Tape

    BLACK BEAR, RED TAPE documents the story of wildlife rehabilitator Hope Swinimer as she struggles to get government permission to rescue and rehabilitate black bears, who would otherwise be killed. Though Hope’s volunteer organization helps thousands of animals each year, they are not legally allowed to help black bears. Follow Hope’s climactic battle with bureaucrats to save a baby bear and, with it, the entire black bear population.

    Black Bear Red Tape
  • The Orchard

    An hour-long documentary about the multigenerational relationship between a working family, new immigrants, and nature, all brought together in a beautiful Orchard, maybe the perfect cooperative effort of humans and nature.

    The Orchard
  • Lords of the Ocean

    Coming Soon! The series races to keep up with Matt and Robin, two brothers who’ve inherited Dominion Diving, a family salvage business AND their father’s love of uncertainty, the unknown, the undiscovered, and the unworkable. 

    Lords of the Ocean
  • Mega Marine Machines

    Now in its second season –

    Back to basics science and technology stories told through the voices and experiences of fantastic frontline characters about making the mega marine machines that take on the challenges of the world’s waters and win… most of the time.

    The Earth’s ocean really is the planet. It’s awesome. It holds the mysteries of the past, the key to all we have today, and the lifeline to our future. This fast-paced ocean adventure documentary series reveals how creative characters are using extraordinary tools to discover, explore, and work in our most extreme ocean environments.

    Mega Marine Machines
  • The Woodstock Bus – Finding the Light

    To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Woodstock Festival, we’re working with the original artist to resurrect, restore and repaint the Woodstock “Light” Bus. A Volkswagen bus that became the symbol of a generation at the famous festival in August 1969. With this series you’ll find history and future combined. It’s art. It’s an icon. It’s a journey. But most of all it’s an opportunity to give everyone something to smile about.Woodstock. The most famous rock concert in history. The symbol of a generation. At the centre – a Volkswagen bus called Light. An unlikely crowd comes together on an epic search to help an aging artist resurrect his greatest work, a symbol covered VW bus, known as the iconic emblem of the Woodstock Music Festival. It’s the most valuable piece of American automotive art ever. There’s just one problem. The bus is missing. It’s a race across America’s highways, backroads and junkyards to solve a 50-year-old mystery: find a bus, restore it, and repaint its artwork in time for a trip back to the Woodstock 50th anniversary Jubilee. Travelling from VanLife subculture to the high stakes world of classic automobile investing, it’s a journey to get the lost symbol of a generation back on the road and into the Light.

    The Woodstock Bus – Finding the Light
  • If We Built It Today

    If We Built It Today explores the world’s most iconic structures and landmarks including The Great Pyramid of Giza, The Pantheon, The Roman Colosseum, and The Great Wall of China. The series looks at some of most enduring structures ever built by man, structures that have survived the test of time, and asks the question what if we built them today?

    The show is a thought experiment that takes the viewer on a journey to imagine exactly how well our modern technology lives up to the ingenuity of our ancestors. Each episode visits a renowned structure and poses the questions: how long would it take, what materials would we use, how many workers would be needed, how dangerous would it be, and how much would it cost, if we built it today?

    If We Built It Today
  • Hope For Wildlife

    Broadcaster – Love Nature, Oasis HD, Knowledge Network

    In Canada’s rugged east coast wilderness each year Hope Swinimer’s HOPE FOR WILDLIFE organization nurses thousands of sick, injured, abandoned and lost animals back to health and returns them to their natural habitat. Hope for Wildlife, Season four is currently is post production at Arcadia. Air dates coming soon. Hope for Wildlife, Season one, two, three and four are on Oasis HD at various times during the day.

    Hope For Wildlife
  • Doctor Barry

    With the help of his talented and trustworthy staff – and with support from clinic manager/husband Dave, Barry gives his all to keep his hospital family happy – while still answering the call from animal organizations around the world desperate for his expertise.

    Doctor Barry
  • America Over The Edge

    Broadcasters – Smithsonian Channel and Knowledge Network

    Travel 50,000 kilometres over America’s Eastern Seaboard Like you’ve never seen it before.

    America Over the Edge blazes a trail along an incredible frontier – an aerial journey high above the features that define the United States – tracing one of the most diverse coastlines in the world, and revealing a wealth of treasures.

    The meeting place of the ocean and land is the birthplace of the country’s history – the setting for its most formidable cities – and the frontline of climate change. America’s borders separate it from its neighbors – but also reveal how closely intertwined all of North America’s histories and futures are.

    The first 13-episode cycle focuses on the rugged beauty and history of America’s East Coast: from Maine and New England – to the cities of Boston and New York – tracing Chesapeake Bay – soaring above Philadelphia – on approach to Washington DC and the coastal regions surrounding.

    On the ground we include stories from Portsmouth, NH that foretold the Revolutionary War – tales from tiny border towns of Maine that were at the frontlines of an undeclared war – and we explore the mega cities of America’s Eastern seaboard –their beaches – barrier Islands – and even Civil War fortifications.

    This series invites us to discover our coastlines and borders from above – filmed in 4K from helicopter by cinematic high-definition stabilized camera systems. And – the aerial journey is supported by stories and interviews on the ground – directed by our award-winning team – bringing landscape and history to life – in crystal-clear close-up focus.

    America Over The Edge
  • Canada 360

    Broadcasters – Smithsonian Channel and Knowledge Network


    A 5-year, 20,000 kilometre circumnavigation over the longest coastline on earth, from sea, to sea, to sea.

    “Canada 360” is an epic adventure – a first ever, five-year circumnavigation of the world’s longest coastline. This never-before-seen view of Canada from above – narrated by documentary director Andrew Killawee – reveals the secrets of Canada’s 3 coastlines, and its southern border with the USA.

    Beginning in Halifax, Nova Scotia – on Canada’s East Coast – Killawee and the “Canada 360” team spend 2 years filming more than 40,000 kilometres of rugged shoreline in their own backyard. From there, the team heads North – and deep into Canada’s past – a year spent along 160,000 kilometres of Northern frontier – from the communities of Pond Inlet and Arctic Bay on Baffin Island, to the Yukon-Alaska border. Heading south, the wonders of the Yukon-Alaska frontier are revealed over a year of shooting: from the islands of Haida Gwaii, to British Columbia’s stunning mainland coast. Finally, Canada 360 heads home along our southern border – tracing the winding rivers, mountain ranges, and 49th parallel that mark Canada’s boundary with the United States.

    On the ground, the team explores dozens of communities, from Canada’s major metropolitan centres to its tiniest outposts – Toronto to Tuktoyaktuk – meeting hundreds of ordinary Canadians. It’s a thought-provoking journey – exploring the big questions that define Canada.

    Canada 360
  • Ocean Parks

    Broadcaster – Love Nature


    Ocean Parks explores spectacular protected marine habitats, showcasing the incredible wildlife living above and below the surface.

    What is being done to protect the most-sensitive areas of the earth’s oceans? How do scientists and officials protect delicate marine habitats near bustling beaches and tourist hotspots? What are the endangered creatures whose lives hang in the balance?

    The story of these complex ecosystems begins from the bottom up. Fragile corals reefs, sea grass meadows and tangles of mangroves provide nursery habitats for juvenile fish and protection from the open ocean. The little fish attract bigger fish. Turtles rest on the surface and crawl ashore to dig their nests. Sea lions, sharks and whales patrol the edges where the depths descend into the deep blue.

    Ocean Parks bursts with all the color, life and natural beauty of the underwater world – while telling the story of mankind’s efforts to protect it.

    Ocean Parks
  • The Living Beach

    Broadcaster – Love Nature


    In this series we visit some of the world’s most amazing beaches to visually discover the secrets of the living beach.

    How do beaches function? Where do the waves come from, and why are they always parallel to the shore, no matter which way the shore faces? Where does sand come from, and why are some beaches grey, some white, some beige? What plants and animals live there, and how do they deal with this harsh, ever-changing environment? How do beaches protect themselves from storms, human encroachment and the effects of climate change? What do beaches mean to humans?

    Ultimately, the beach is not a place but a process, perhaps even literally a living process. The beaches were here long before we arrived, and they will be here long after we are gone. In the end, all we can do is cherish and respect them during our own brief time on their shifting sands.

    In each episode we visit beaches from a different part of the world to explore how physics, nature and our own interactions create an ever-new story… increasingly focused on the relatedness of all things.

    The Living Beach
  • Wild Wild East

    Broadcaster – Love Nature


    Wild Wild East is a sprawling 4K natural history series set on the jagged coast of Canada’s eastern shore. The series reveals the secret lives and untold tales of wildlife in the Maritime Provinces – from urban red foxes on pristine beaches of Prince Edward Island to a humpback whale haven off Brier Island, in the heart of the Bay of Fundy.

    Wild Wild East
  • Reef Wrecks

    Broadcaster – Love Nature

    There are more than 3 million known shipwreck sites in the world.

    Some hold riches – others reveal lost history. But the most spectacular wrecks are the ones that simply refuse to die.

    They are known as Reef Wrecks.

    Reef Wrecks are the true treasures of the underwater world – part of the Ocean’s endless cycle of life – suspended in time – marking a new beginning for the sea creatures that surround them.

    In Reef Wrecks, we take an underwater 4K survey of these majestic sites – the world’s most timeless wrecks – exploring unbelievable sub-aquatic wonders. And, we meet the people who are the brains behind these ideas – ocean pioneers living on the front lines of the awesome mystery and power of the sea.

    Reef Wrecks
  • Animal Empires

    Broadcaster – Love Nature

    There are special places in the world where animals gather to feed, to mate, to live, to build, to be safe and to die. In each episode of Animal Empires we visit these places. Loud, crowded, beautiful and dangerous, these places are both ancient and imperiled. Some are natural and some are the product of changes we’ve brought to the world.

    Each has a story to tell about the cycles of life on our planet and how we always need to find balance, and each other, to survive. These are nature’s greatest migrations congregations, and infestations.

    Animal Empires

    Broadcasters – Smithsonian Channel and Knowledge Network


    CANADA OVER THE EDGE is back for another season of exploration—this time zooming in on the vast, unexplored regions of Northern Canada. The boreal forest, barren landscape, and ice-covered peaks cover nearly 4 million square kilometers, and represent 40% of the country. From Sirmilik National Park on Baffin Island to Dawson City and Whitehorse in the West, this aerial-documentary series is a sight to behold.

  • Deadly Journeys of the Apostles

    Broadcaster – History Canada, National Geographic


    Though their stories cannot be found in the Bible, legends claim that Apostles Jude, John and James the Less embarked north, and their martyrdom enshrines them in history. Join us as we look at myth and folklore, exploring the scope of these fabled journeys.

    The Bible’s book of Acts recounts the Apostle Andrew’s presence at Pentecost, and Peter as the leader of the nascent Christian faith. But biblical accounts of their journeys stop there. Go further with us as we explore ancient apocryphal texts and medieval legends, which claim that James the Great traveled to the shores of the Atlantic Ocean.

    After Jesus’ crucifixion, three Apostles — Bartholomew, Matthias and Thomas — supposedly embark on dangerous missions to the east. Examine their stories as we search through folklore to find out about these incredible journeys.

    In the aftermath of the world’s most famous crucifixion, Jesus’ 12 Apostles are charged with delivering his message to the four corners of the earth. Through scripture, myth, legend and folklore, these journeys to the north, south, east and west are reimagined. Walk with Philip, Simon and Matthew as they embark south.

    Deadly Journeys of the Apostles
  • Battle of Kings: Bannockburn

    By 1314, through effort and intrigue, Scottish King Robert Bruce had captured every major English-held castle except Stirling. Now English King Edward II would try to stop him – and subdue the Scottish rebellion forever.

    This is the story of the pivotal campaign culminating at the decisive Battle of Bannockburn, in the shadow of Stirling Castle.

    Today as Scotland contemplates a countdown to a referendum for renewed Scottish independence, we search the hearts and minds of the characters whose efforts at the Battle of Bannockburn would build a nation.

    Filmed in the style of 300 and Sin City and with intense and bloody battle scenes, we bring to life one of the most iconic times in Scottish history.

    Battle of Kings: Bannockburn
  • Tattle Tails

    Tattle Tails is a series of comedy shorts for children featuring wildlife footage revealing the secret and hilarious lives of animals, as we imagine them, in Canada’s parks, zoos and wildlife rehabs.

    Tattle Tails
  • Polar Bears – A Summer Odyssey

    Broadcaster – CBC, National Geographic US

    Shot over twelve months, this blue chip wildlife documentary tells the story a young polar bear’s epic migration through the icy waters of Hudson Bay and his subsequent adventures on land, where he must spend the ice-free season. It is his first summer alone without his mother to guide and feed him. His struggle to survive is set against the biggest environmental story of our time: climate change.

    When we think of polar bears we think of snow and ice, but for thousands of years, the polar bears of Western Hudson Bay have spent their summers on land. As the ice melt they are forced to migrate over hundreds of kilometers using the stars. Their mothers teach them. It is a route that they will follow for the rest of their lives.

    As the ice-free season grows longer, so does the amount of time they must spend on land. With little or no food, hordes of biting insects, and intense pressure from other bears – it is unbearable!

    Bear stalks thick-billed murre colony.
    As the summer progresses the stakes get higher for our bear. This is one of the hottest summers on record – he’s a white bear in a green world. A polar bear’s curiosity, memories and intelligence are his only defense against a world changing faster than he can. Can polar bears adapt?

    Watch the desperate acts of a bear pushed to the brink. Witness the wisdom and commitment of a protective mother bear. Observe the seemingly ferocious social rituals of massive male bears. Polar Bears: A Summer Odyssey features breath-taking cinematography capturing rarely seen bear behavior including the young bear climbing a 250 meter cliff in search of a meal and a bold male who has learnt the art of hunting walrus.

    The stunning images, captured by the Canadian team of Adam Ravetch and Sarah Robertson, were taken with more than eight different kinds of cameras including, for the first time, a polar bear collar-cam; a remote control Truck-cam; a mini Heli-cam, and several underwater cameras.

    Polar Bears – A Summer Odyssey
  • Big Bear & Squeak

    Broadcaster – Knowledge Network

    Big Bear and Squeak is an interactive and playful puzzle based series for preschoolers aged 3-5 years. It reflects children’s interest in playing guessing games and the natural world around them. Through fun visual clues, Squeak, an adorable, inquisitive little mouse, encourages children to guess which new animal her friend, the wise and lovable Big Bear, shows her from his Big Book of Animal Puzzles. From baby gorillas and tiny penguins to lively cheetahs, see close-ups of a foot, beak or paw, and have to guess what it is…until each amazing animal is revealed!

    Big Bear & Squeak
  • Swingin’ Jubilee

    Broadcaster – Bravo

    Swingin’ Jubilee is a TV show about a struggling big band, The Jubilee Swing Orchestra, inviting guest vocalist to perform at swing dance shows. Singers from all genres of music are invited on the show where they work on songs with the orchestra and ultimately perform in front of a live swing dance audience. Band leader John Wesley Chisholm balances the business of running a big band with the creative and social aspects of performing for an enthusiastic crowd of dedicated dancers. The songs in the show are a mix of authentic big band material, guest vocalist’s original hits and unexpected swing versions of pop songs. During rehearsals viewers get an intimate view into the musical lives of the guests and a rare backstage story of the creative process. The JUBILEE SWING ORCHESTRA picks up where the big bands of the swing era left off. It’s a traditional, acoustic based swing band dedicated to swing music for dancing and socializing.

    Swingin’ Jubilee
  • Chasing Unicorns

    The narwhal is the unicorn of the sea, a pale-colored porpoise found in Canadian Arctic and Greenlandic waters and rivers. Now, a group of scientists, explorers and adventurers traces the narwhal’s path north to its summer home. Their mission is to capture a snapshot of the arctic ecosystem –for future generations to use as a benchmark. But the high arctic throws them one dangerous obstacle after another. To keep up with the migrating narwhal, they must navigate the thickest sea ice in generations. In the end, their journey leads them to the frozen edge of a changing world.

    Chasing Unicorns
  • The Devil we Know

    Broadcaster – Vision TV

    This is the story of the Devil as told through his dark manifestations in art, music and popular culture throughout history. The Devil You Know can be watched online at Vision TV.

    The Devil we Know
  • Last stand of the Templars

    Broadcaster – National Geographic, Vision TV

    The Templars were considered the pope’s private army, protecting Jerusalem for more than 50 years. But their legacy came to a sudden end casting them from the heights of wealth and power to the dark corners of history. Now, on the ruins of a 12th century castle near the border between what are now Israel and Syria, a team of archaeologists peel away centuries of sediment, uncovering signs of a six-day siege that could have led to the Templars’ demise.

    Last stand of the Templars
  • TV with TV’s Jonathan Torrens – TV TROPOLIS

    Every week through comedic commentary and satirical sketch, TV’s Jonathan Torrens gives the Big Picture on the Small Screen in a show that is both a celebration and a condemnation of television’s hits and misses, past and present. TV with TV’s Jonathan Torrens, Season III is now in Production. TV with TV’s Jonathan Torrens, Season II airs on TvTropolis Fridays at 10AM, 1PM and 11PM ET and Saturdays at 8:30AM ET.

    TV with TV’s Jonathan Torrens – TV TROPOLIS

    Broadcaster – Vision TV, S4C

    It is one of religion’s most sacred legacies – Solomon’s Lost Temple – built from ancient blueprints – revealed by the hand of god. Destroyed by a deadly siege 5 centuries after its construction, no evidence of Israel’s holiest shrine remains. Did Solomon’s Temple exist? Now, Holy Land archaeologists trace the trail of the temple, uncovering the controversial timelines of Israel’s founding fathers – King David and his son, Solomon the builder.

    For the first century world, it was considered the world’s most beautiful structure. Its destruction set the stage for 2000 tumultuous years of Jewish history. Today the temple mount remains at the center of conflict and a new discovery made during filming, could open a new debate.

    The third Temple is based on the prophetic vision of Ezekiel. Christian apocalyptic texts describe the re-building of the temple as key to the second coming of Christ – and the possible end of time. On the world’s most deadly and sacred ground, we follow a radical group called “Temple Mount Faithful” and their leader Gershon Solomon, as they attempt an illegal ascent of Jerusalem’s Temple Mount for the festival of Hanukah. Their goal is the construction of Ezekiel’s prophesied third Temple in our lifetime – an action Christians say will foreshadow the second coming of Christ; an action Muslims say will lead to Global Holy War. Solomon’s previous attempts ended in bloodshed. Now they begin another attempt. It’s a march towards the Apocalypse.

  • Chasing Wild Horses

    Chasing Wild Horses is the story of a famous New York fashion photographer whose search for true beauty takes him to Sable Island where he documents wild horses as the ultimate supermodels and returns to share his discovery with the beautiful people of New York.

    Chasing Wild Horses
  • Aquateam

    A team of young scuba divers explore shipwrecks. Kids get to do more cool stuff in the ocean than they would ever be allowed to do on land, but they have to look out for themselves and each other, innerspace exploration all about teamwork.

  • Go Deep

    If you understand the urge to go into unexplored places, have a passion for innovation, adventure and technology, the ocean is the wild west of the 21st century. If you think that everything has been explored, mapped and done, take a look at the blue parts on the globe. We’ve barely scratched the surface. We take a closer look in Go Deep.

    Go Deep
  • I Prophesy

    Rapture Ready

    Since its introduction in the 19th century, the idea and concept of the “Rapture” has changed the face of the Christian religion, particularly in North America. Rooted in modern interpretations of the Gospel of Christ and the Revelation of John, the Rapture makes the bold claim that all Christian believers who are favoured by God will disappear off the face of the Earth in a split second – meaning paradise for those chosen, and hell on Earth for those left behind. We investigate this claim – from the modern followers of evangelists like Harold Camping – who have lost their life savings for the cause – to small town preachers who carry on the legacy of the Rapture. And, we meet the skeptics – some, even part of the Christian Faith who say the Rapture grew from the imagination of a modern day prophet named John Nelson Darby – and it is neither real nor impending. Is the Rapture real and should we be ready?


    The Future Of: Utopia

    What is the Future of the Perfect World? Sir Thomas More named it in his book of the same name, but what really is Utopia? In this episode we meet Utopian experts who tell us what Thomas More predicted for his perfect world, and how that can be translated to our future. We travel through time from failed utopian communities, to present day Utopias, both sharing a healthy amount of successes and failures in keeping the Utopian dream alive. But what is the future of Utopia? Is it a deserted beach where the sun always shines? Is it a perfectly organized and secure community? Or will we find Utopia in the Futuristic dream of a self sufficient Hydrogen community in Denmark, aptly named H2PIA? Utopia may be hard to define, but one thing is for sure, we are all dreaming of a perfect world.


    The Future Of: The Future

    Science Fiction writers have an uncanny way of writing about what our future will look like, and for the most part, their fantasies become our reality.
    Science Fiction genius H.G. Wells presented us with the possibility of traveling 800,000 years into the future in his first futuristic novel Time Machine. He evoked the futuristic spirit, still alive and well today, and found in our contemporary prophet Robert Sawyer. In this episode we travel through time to discover what is being predicted for the technology of our future. Will we finally have our flying car like in Back to the Future? Will The Jetsons Rosie the Robot soon be gracing our homes? Will we be given the opportunity to live forever or at least long enough to colonize other planets and make a comfortable living space for our ever increasing elderly population as described in Sawyer’s Science Fiction novel Mindscan. Only time will tell, but you may be surprised how close we have come to what science fiction authors predicted in the past, which begs the question, what are the possibilities for our future?


    The Future Of: The Superflood

    When God warned Noah of the great flood…he wasn’t alone. Flood stories have been part of human culture since the beginnings of civilization. And the 21st century is no exception. Today, the vast majority of scientists agree that climate change is causing massive ice melt in Earth’s polar regions. But what will be the result? Even cautious studies indicate the ocean level will rise. And if it rises as high as some scientists fear, the results will be of Biblical proportions. The hardest hit will be in India, Bangladesh and Eastern China, where tens of millions live, barely above sea level, with no place to run. And warmer temperatures mean more storm surges and hurricanes. This will impact the whole world, but especially the Gulf Coast, where New Orleans could be in store for an even bigger hit than Katrina. Some say if we act now there is still time, but some say it’s too late, and we should prepare for the worst.

    I Prophesy
  • The History of the Future

    The Future of is a half hour series of programs about the future of society, science, technology and spirituality.The series examines how the greatest, and sometimes most diabolical minds, in history have imagined, visualized, prophesized and shaped the future including episodes on: The Flood, Utopia, Technology and the End of the World.

    The History of the Future
  • Super Natural Investigator

    Guardian Angels

    They have been reported for centuries – spiritual beings walking among us, protecting us from danger. New studies say, in the 21st century, millions continue to believe these legendary, heavenly messengers are real. But skeptics say the phenomenon of angels is all in our head. Our investigator, actress Cindy Sampson, from the hit series Supernatural, believes she has a Guardian Angel – and now, begins a personal quest to uncover the truth.

    From Toronto, Ontario, to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, she investigates Guardian Angel Specialists – offering spiritual readings and alleged connections to the afterlife. And, she investigates the other side – skeptics, neurotheologists, and scientists who claim Guardian Angels can all be explained in the science of the human brain. But in one final psychic experience, Cindy gets more than she bargained for – an undeniable spiritual connection that she simply can not explain. Is it science, or her own Guardian Angel?


    Fortune Telling

    Some believe Fortune Telling is an art – dating back thousands of years – practiced by millions around the world. But others say it is all fraud – a slick business run by fraudsters and criminals – in search of the big bucks. Our investigator, actress Cindy Sampson, from the hit series Supernatural, begins a quest to uncover the truth – locating North America’s top Fortune Tellers – and putting them to the test.

    From Tarot cards to palm reading, Cindy challenges psychics and savants to peer into her future. And what they reveal is shocking – from relationship trauma to potentially life-altering illnesses. But the skeptics offer a different angle – providing convincing evidence that these ancient practices hold no truth at all. Finally, Cindy’s encounter with a psychic not far from her hometown is shocking. Using the practices of Nostradamus himself, this psychic opens Cindy’s mind to world she never knew possible – a final, and convincing argument that Fortune Telling may indeed be real.


    Hunting Houdini

    Gothic rocker and TV personality Tara Slone heads to New York City on Halloween to break into the inner sanctum of Houdini’s obsessive followers. Harry Houdini is best known as the world’s greatest escape artist. But he spent most of his career debunking mystics and he died, not in performance of a daring escape, but under mysterious circumstances now suspected as a conspiracy of mystics. Obsessed with the after-life, Houdini passed on clues to his wife and inner-circle of trusted friends as to how he would certainly contact them on Halloween, the anniversary of his death, if he did discover there was life after death. Surprisingly, descendents of that inner-circle style meet today, a cult of personality still patiently watching, listening and waiting for signs from beyond.


    Occult Architecture

    The planners and builders of Washington DC were passionate about what they were doing. But what were they doing? Can symbols long associated with the occult and ancient mystery schools be part of the world’s largest open and free democracy? The symbols of the capital reveal but they also conceal and hidden history, and perhaps a hidden agenda. Today, as America stretches its might across the world everyone is asking – Is there a master plan carved into the Masonic art and architecture of Washington DC? Masonic Researcher, John Wesley Chisholm, is working to recover the original meaning of democracy’s icons – carved in stone but lost in time.


    Detour on the road to Atlantis

    In Detour on the road to Atlantis we search for Atlantis with explorers for the Association of Research and Enlightenment who believe they’ve found clues to the true nature of sunken architecture off the coast of Florida.

    Super Natural Investigator
  • Freemasonry Revealed

    Our new series, Freemasonry Revealed, follows up Inside Freemasonry (2004) It is intended for a general audience, Freemasons and non-Freemasons alike. With vivid visual detail we explore every wild thing that has ever been said about Freemasonry to try and get to the heart of Freemasonry and the Freemasons themselves.

    Freemasonry Revealed
  • Dreamwrecks

    Dreamwrecks is a series about a passionate team of shipwreck explorers who travel the world to visually document the most beautiful and mysterious shipwrecks ever discovered.

  • That News Show

    That News Show searches the world to find the most interesting and unussual local news pieces. From Deadmen’s toes in the liquor in Alaska to lythical creatures in trees in Alabama. The stories local news outlets around the world use to wrap up their shows are some of the most engaging and surprising bits of media coverage ever made.

    That News Show
  • Inside Freemasonry

    Inside Freemasonry follows the experiences of four young men as they prepare to enter into the world’s oldest and most well known ‘secret society’. Inside Freemasonry is the first documentary to look closely at individual Masonic Initiates in order to understand the symbolic spiritual quest that has captured the imaginations of countless millions of young men through the ages.

    Inside Freemasonry
  • Buried at Sea

    Broadcaster – CBC

    Weapons of mass destruction aren’t new. Between the Second World War and the 1970’s millions of tons of chemical weapons and munitions were dumped into the ocean and forgotten. Today, a new awareness of the ocean’s importance inspires efforts to rediscover these lethal time capsules. We join the ocean search and weave the stories of people around the world whose lives have been impacted by chemical weapons Buried at Sea.

    Buried at Sea
  • Sluts

    High school can often be a cruel place. Divisions are drawn between all types of kids. Some are jocks, cheerleaders, nerds, drama geeks and Goths. But there is one person who exists outside the cliques, who is never welcomed into any group. She is the high school slut. The girl with the “reputation”. We travel across North America, beyond the rumors, catcalls and graffiti, to find out who high school Sluts really are and where they are now.

Go Back

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Amanda Woodcock
Development and Production Manager
A voracious content consumer, Amanda’s up to the minute and beyond interest in TV helps define the company and navigate the possibilities. From strategic business planning to creative development, Amanda’s working on what happens next at Arcadia. You can find her whipping up delicious production plans, and running research that borders on the search for the Holy Grail (no, literally the search for the Holy Grail).
Katrina Koster
Katrina Koster
VP Client Relations
As production & development coordinator, Katrina oversees all things logistical and organizational, while also having an active hand in development of pitches and proposals. Also acting as market coordinator, Katrina regularly schedules and attends international TV markets to meet with new & existing customers and share Arcadia’s latest and greatest with the world.
Laura Snow
Laura Snow
Chief Financial Officer / Producer
Laura has been working at Arcadia Entertainment, as the Chief Financial Officer, for six years. Laura has worked as a production assistant on the set of Battle of Kings: Bannockburn and as a producer for episodes 1-4 of The Living Beach. Laura began her career, in accounting, as the General Manager of the Econo Lodge & Suites in Saint John, NB and as the Executive Assistant, to the CFO, at Homburg Canada.
Andrew Killawee
Andrew Killawee
Andrew Killawee is an experienced and accomplished Producer, Writer and Director – specializing in documentary and factual television. Since 2002, he has developed and produced 120 hours of programming – shown in more than 150 countries around the world.
Jhamiela Smith
Jhamiela Smith
Jhamiela Smith, is a producer who brings over 5 years management experience to our team. She combines creativity and specialized project management experience to build and deliver efficient production plans. Since joining the team, she has also been a key contributor to Arcadia’s awesome development slate.
Sean McShane
Sean McShane
Pat Hachey
Pat Hachey
Doug Graham
Doug Graham
Director of Photography
Since 2006, he has become one of the most in-demand industry professionals on the East Coast – filming more than 150 hours of worldwide programming as the primary Camera Operator and Director of Photography for Halifax’s Arcadia Entertainment.
Christopher Fost
Christopher Fost
Post Production Supervisor
Bob Daly
Bob Daly
Producer / Director / Underwater shooter / Composer / Post Audio / Director
Bob Daly first came to Arcadia in 2006 as a composer/music editor but quickly moved into audio post-production. His curiosity quickly led him out of the studio and into the field where his career expanded from field recording, to camera operating, and eventually directing.
Ron Illingworth
Ron Illingworth
Colourist / Senior Online Editor
During the past eight years, Ron has colour-graded and finished over 200 shows for worldwide broadcast, consisting of Aerial Photography, Wildlife and Underwater Documentary, Historical Reenactment, Reality Drama, Live Music and Comedy. Ron loves a challenge and thrives in a Team environment. Strengths include creative problem-solving and exceptional attention to detail.
David Perlmutter
David Perlmutter
VP of Business & Legal Affairs
David is primarily tasked to manage the company’s contractual relationships together with the flow of information between various departments including finance, production, post production, as well as broadcasters and funding agencies. He is a Past-President of Music Nova Scotia, and has participated in a wide variety of efforts to enhance economic opportunities for Nova Scotians working in the music business.

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