Mabel Bell’s Aerial Experiment

The story of a woman and an organization that changed the course of aviation history. Deaf from the age of 5, Mabel Bell not only defied society’s expectations by speaking and living comfortably in a hearing world, she also provided leadership to some of the greatest scientific minds of her time.  The one hour documentary chronicles the creation and life of the Aerial Experiment Association (A.E.A.), a professional organization designed and paid for by Mabel.

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  1. Have viewed “Chasing Wild Horses” on TV and loved it, and viewed it again from the local library. Also just came across “Canada Over the Edge (#1) at the library too, look forward to seeing the additional seasons when they become available. Love the aerial sequences. I have run across some other Aerial Travel programs on TV as well ( “Over New England” & Others, as well as “Visions of” Series.

    Also did some checking, and ran across the “Mabel Bell’s Aerial Experiment” dvd, and wasn’t there a Documentary on the Canadian Hydrofoil Bras D’or (can’t remember the videos title). Are these 2 titles still available? I think I called the office some time ago to inquire, but they were sold out. Did you or will you be getting any additional copies in the near future. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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