Super Natural Investigator

Guardian Angels

They have been reported for centuries – spiritual beings walking among us, protecting us from danger. New studies say, in the 21st century, millions continue to believe these legendary, heavenly messengers are real. But skeptics say the phenomenon of angels is all in our head. Our investigator, actress Cindy Sampson, from the hit series Supernatural, believes she has a Guardian Angel – and now, begins a personal quest to uncover the truth.

From Toronto, Ontario, to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, she investigates Guardian Angel Specialists – offering spiritual readings and alleged connections to the afterlife. And, she investigates the other side – skeptics, neurotheologists, and scientists who claim Guardian Angels can all be explained in the science of the human brain. But in one final psychic experience, Cindy gets more than she bargained for – an undeniable spiritual connection that she simply can not explain. Is it science, or her own Guardian Angel?


Fortune Telling

Some believe Fortune Telling is an art – dating back thousands of years – practiced by millions around the world. But others say it is all fraud – a slick business run by fraudsters and criminals – in search of the big bucks. Our investigator, actress Cindy Sampson, from the hit series Supernatural, begins a quest to uncover the truth – locating North America’s top Fortune Tellers – and putting them to the test.

From Tarot cards to palm reading, Cindy challenges psychics and savants to peer into her future. And what they reveal is shocking – from relationship trauma to potentially life-altering illnesses. But the skeptics offer a different angle – providing convincing evidence that these ancient practices hold no truth at all. Finally, Cindy’s encounter with a psychic not far from her hometown is shocking. Using the practices of Nostradamus himself, this psychic opens Cindy’s mind to world she never knew possible – a final, and convincing argument that Fortune Telling may indeed be real.


Hunting Houdini

Gothic rocker and TV personality Tara Slone heads to New York City on Halloween to break into the inner sanctum of Houdini’s obsessive followers. Harry Houdini is best known as the world’s greatest escape artist. But he spent most of his career debunking mystics and he died, not in performance of a daring escape, but under mysterious circumstances now suspected as a conspiracy of mystics. Obsessed with the after-life, Houdini passed on clues to his wife and inner-circle of trusted friends as to how he would certainly contact them on Halloween, the anniversary of his death, if he did discover there was life after death. Surprisingly, descendents of that inner-circle style meet today, a cult of personality still patiently watching, listening and waiting for signs from beyond.


Occult Architecture

The planners and builders of Washington DC were passionate about what they were doing. But what were they doing? Can symbols long associated with the occult and ancient mystery schools be part of the world’s largest open and free democracy? The symbols of the capital reveal but they also conceal and hidden history, and perhaps a hidden agenda. Today, as America stretches its might across the world everyone is asking – Is there a master plan carved into the Masonic art and architecture of Washington DC? Masonic Researcher, John Wesley Chisholm, is working to recover the original meaning of democracy’s icons – carved in stone but lost in time.


Detour on the road to Atlantis

In Detour on the road to Atlantis we search for Atlantis with explorers for the Association of Research and Enlightenment who believe they’ve found clues to the true nature of sunken architecture off the coast of Florida.