The Living Beach

Broadcaster – Love Nature


In this series we visit some of the world’s most amazing beaches to visually discover the secrets of the living beach.

How do beaches function? Where do the waves come from, and why are they always parallel to the shore, no matter which way the shore faces? Where does sand come from, and why are some beaches grey, some white, some beige? What plants and animals live there, and how do they deal with this harsh, ever-changing environment? How do beaches protect themselves from storms, human encroachment and the effects of climate change? What do beaches mean to humans?

Ultimately, the beach is not a place but a process, perhaps even literally a living process. The beaches were here long before we arrived, and they will be here long after we are gone. In the end, all we can do is cherish and respect them during our own brief time on their shifting sands.

In each episode we visit beaches from a different part of the world to explore how physics, nature and our own interactions create an ever-new story… increasingly focused on the relatedness of all things.