Who We Are

Arcadia Content produces fact-driven, popular and entertaining TV programming. We are an Atlantic Canadian company, operating in Halifax, NS since August 2001.

We began by telling stories about ocean adventures; populated with extreme characters, incredible contraptions and high stakes. Our programming portfolio expanded to include series and specials about wildlife, secret societies, unexplored places and the great mysteries of civilization. Arcadia’s work has won two Canadian Screen Awards, a 2013 Emmy nomination and dozens of awards from festivals around the world.

You can see our series and specials on Discovery, National Geographic, History, Smithsonian, Oasis, Vision, Bravo!, CBC and other broadcasters in 140 countries around the world.

We Also Offer

Stock footage

We have collected a large catalogue of unusual ocean related clips from around the world.  Call us if you just can’t get it anywhere else.


Transcription services

We liked The Script Studio so much and were using their services so much we bought the company.  Timely accurate transcripts of field tapes are crucial to the professional production process on large projects and all productions requiring accurate and well formatted transcripts of scripts for fine cutting, broadcaster review and close captioning.  The Script Studio has the equipment and talent to provide all these services quickly and efficiently.  Best of all, the work can be done over the web and through email.  We’re happy to be the exclusive provider of The Script Studio services in Canada.



  • Canadian Screen Arts Awards
  • Genie Awards
  • Atlantic Film Festival Awards
  • Juno Awrads
  • ECMA Awards
  • Film Festival Awards