Filming has begun on If We Built It Today

Filming is underway for Arcadia’s new high concept 8 part one-hour docu-series. If We Built It Today explores the world’s most iconic structures and landmarks including The Great Pyramid of Giza, The Pantheon, The Roman Colosseum, and The Great Wall of China. The series looks at some of most enduring structures ever built by man, structures that have survived the test of time, and asks the question what if we built them today?

The show is a thought experiment that takes the viewer on a journey to imagine exactly how well our modern technology lives up to the ingenuity of our ancestors. Each episode visits a renowned structure and poses the questions: how long would it take, what materials would we use, how many workers would be needed, how dangerous would it be, and how much would it cost, if we built it today?

The series is being filmed globally with Arcadia crews on the ground from Edmonton to Arizona, and from Cairo to Venice.

If We Built It Today will air on Discovery Science Canada and other international broadcasters. Distributed internationally by Sky Vision with delivery expected in late 2019.

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