Canada over the edge season 4!

We are very excited that “Canada Over the Edge” Season 4 will premiere Sunday March 8th on Smithsonian Channel Canada, 9 PM EST, 10 PM here in Atlantic Canada. It documents an epic, 52-day aerial journey through the Arctic. If you don’t have Smithsonian Channel, you should check it out, some amazing content!

4 thoughts on “Canada over the edge season 4!

  • I am planning to buy Canada Over The Edge, Seasons 1-3, but it says Season 4 is out of stock. Do you have a date as to when that may be available for sale?

    Thank you

  • I would like to purchase season 4. I have a daughter that works in many of the eastern areas of the artic as a dental assistant. Your documentary let me see her environment including Grosse Fiord.

    • Hi Margaret, you can find season four in our store, as a DVD or you can download the digital version.

      Thanks for your interest!

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