Arcadia Premieres IF WE BUILT IT TODAY on Science Channel


July 16, 2019 (Halifax, NS) – Arcadia Content announced today that its latest eight-episode series IF WE BUILT IT TODAY premiered in the USA on Science Channel Sunday, July 14 at 10 PM EST. 

IF WE BUILT IT TODAY is a science and engineering series about reimagining and building the most iconic structures of history today. The show connects ancient architecture with modern materials and methods to imagine and explain: How would we go about it? How much would it cost? How dangerous would it be?

On construction sites from Venice to Cairo, IF WE BUILT IT TODAY gets to work with the heavy equipment, mega machinery, and fresh ideas used by modern engineers, planners and designers. The payoff for each episode reveals a running record of materials, time, manpower and ultimately adds up the total modern cost… IF WE BUILT IT TODAY.

 “IF WE BUILT IT TODAY is a thought experiment – a new way to imagine science, engineering and history through our most awesome stories of building. Ultimately the series is about change. What’s been lost and what’s been gained in the race of new technology and ideas?” says John Wesley Chisholm, President and Creative Director of Arcadia Content.

The series premiere takes on building Cairo’s Great Pyramid of Giza. 200 levels of stone weighing more than six million tons. Filled with mysteries still hidden in plain sight. Other episodes reimagine the Brooklyn Bridge, the Pantheon, Roman Aqueducts, the Great Wall and more.

IF WE BUILT IT TODAY’s season finale will feature the fight to decide the future of Notre Dame Cathedral using new exclusive footage and interviews filmed by Arcadia as the first documentary crew given access to revealing parts of the site since the fire that nearly destroyed it. It’s a battle between traditional methods, materials and manpower, and the force of futuristic ideas.

IF WE BUILT IT TODAYwill air on Discovery Science Channel in the USand Canada and be distributed globally by Sky Vision.

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