Nice news today for HOPE FOR WILDLIFE Season 8 !

I’m thrilled to share this new series of Hope with fans. The big news for me is that the new series is 26 half hours rather than 13 hours. This new format allows us to pack a lot more stories into the series and follow more rescues, rehabs and releases than ever before. Plus there’s more opportunity to check in with Hope and share her vision and ideas about wildlife rescue.

Don’t forget about the OPEN HOUSE coming up August 27th.

7 thoughts on “Nice news today for HOPE FOR WILDLIFE Season 8 !

  • My husband and I have been watching Hope for Wildlife for many years. We love the work all the staff at HFW are doing to help wildlife. We also love that you at Arcadia put on such great programing. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Keep up the great work.

  • I’ve recently discovered Hope For Wildlife… What an incredible series!!! I watch it every morning… Yesterday Esther the baby moose lost her fight for survival… Very sad… They worked very hard to help Esther grow but in the end but having the mothers milk early on made it hard for her tonprocess food.
    Please keep going with this series! It is so worthwhile! ¡!

  • I just discovered this wonderful series….how did i ever miss it? It is so heartwarming and inspiring to see so many people who volunteer their time to save wildlife, seems like there isn’t a lot of volunteering anymore. This raises my spirits every time I watch it! Keep up the good work!

  • What a place…what a woman and how amazing are the volunteers. If I get to Nova Scotia…I’m coming for a visit.

  • Thank you hardly seems adequate for the beautiful filming that you all do! You capture each incredible moment and I forget that I am not there at HFW with you. While I am watching each episode, I am completely free of the chronic pain that I constantly have. Perhaps you could market HFW as a natural source of pain relief.

    Please keep up the good work!

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