Charlie MacDonald joins the Arcadia team

Arcadia welcomes Charlie MacDonald to the team in the position of Senior Editor.

Charlie is an award-winning editor, producer and videographer who began his career with CTV National News in Ottawa. Over the next sixteen years he worked at CTV’s Halifax and Washington DC Bureaus. Charlie joined National Geographic Channel in Washington DC in 2001 and served as their Supervising Editor/Videographer for over 15 years. During his career as a documentarian Charlie has traveled around the globe in search of stories. He has done everything from covering the aftermath of the fall of the Taliban in Afghanistan in 2002 to camping in the Australian Outback on camel, to dog sledding in the Canadian Arctic.

An expat Canadian, Charlie is stoked to be back home in Canada and thrilled to beworkingin Halifax. We’re thrilled to have him! His vast global experience in factual production gives Arcadia’s broadcast customers the world’s very best in production and editing expertise.

This year Charlie won the coveted White House News Photographers Association’s Lifetime Achievement award. We’re pretty proud of him!

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