Chasing Wild Horses now available ON DEMAND

The story of Sable Island’s beautiful wild horses and Roberto Dutesco, a well-known New York fashion photographer, whose obsession is with the secrets of the herd of wild horses on a remote sand island in the North Atlantic.

He’s photographed the most beautiful women in the world, as New York’s most well known fashion photographer, but his idea of perfect beauty is hidden on a tiny storm tossed island in the darkest part of the North Atlantic. Dangerous, alone, wild and free. Existing only by the grace of a delicate balance of two epic ocean currents. A barometer of the ocean climate.

Sable Island lies directly between New York and London by sea route. It is a tiny sand island that is home to a surprising variety of life including one of the world’s last herds of wild horses. Lost in the North Atlantic, surrounded by hundreds of shipwrecks, Sable Island’s history is filled with mystery, intrigue, pirates, wreckers, and lost treasures of gold and silver.

Roberto has searched the world for a fleeting image from his childhood…wild horses running on sand. When he finally found them on Sable Island he discovered his ultimate subject but he also finds the horses in deep trouble.

Join Roberto’s quest to photograph some of the freest and wildest creatures on earth, and his exploration of Sable Island that reveals where the mysterious Sable Island horses came from, and learn about his personal quest to remind us that some places are most beautiful when they are left untouched. (1 hour)


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