US sale for Marine Machines

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE MEDIA ADVISORY – Popular Marine Machines TV series from Arcadia Entertainment to be seen on Discovery USA. Contact: Arcadia Entertainment, 902.446.3414 or Headline: Major American sale for Nova Scotian television production company HALIFAX NOVA, SCOTIA – Aug 24, 2005 Marine Machines, the popular ocean tech series produced by Arcadia Entertainment for History Channel and Z Television (Que.) in Canada and seen world-wide in over 150 countries on National Geographic Channels, has been licenced to Discovery Channel USA. The sale follows up terrestrial TV sales in Germany and China. Arcadia Entertainment has carved out a niche for itself in the world of documentary television by producing series and specials with ocean related themes. “Canada has more coastline than any other country. Our business location here in Halifax, with its maritime history and busy port, has given us a definite advantage. It has also been a huge creative inspiration for our programs,” says John Wesley Chisholm, Producer and President of Arcadia Entertainment. Marine Machines explores the oceans of the world through the technology that has been developed to take on the awesome power of the sea. The 14-hour series travels the oceans of the world covering adventures from Hollywood films shooting underwater to Iceberg wrangling in the North Atlantic and building giant underwater robots to explore the deep ocean. “Lots of American programming comes to Canada but it is not often we get to export fully realized productions to the US. I am extremely proud of the Marine Machines team and the work we’ve been able to accomplish here in Halifax,” says Chisholm. About the company: Arcadia is a young company started by Producer John Wesley Chisholm (Producer The Sea Hunters, Oceans of Mystery) just over three years ago to specialize in distinctively Canada ocean themed shows that would be of interest to an international audience. With programs and series now on air in over 150 countries and several new series and features in production and development, the company has established itself as a significant independent production house in the international market employing an expanding production team in Halifax. Through a longstanding partnership with well-known London based documentary distributor Parthenon Entertainment, Arcadia developed and produced Marine Machines in Halifax. The relationship with Parthenon will grow in the next year with new series and specials scheduled for production. Summary: Marine Machines airs on History Channel, National Geographic Channel and Z Television in Canada and will begin broadcast in the US on Discovery in the new year. ### Contact: John Wesley Chisholm, 902.446.3414 or 902.225.0763 Email: Arcadia Entertainment, 6203 Allan Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia, B3L 1G8

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