Aquateam returns to Halifax after exploring underwater world

Aquateam kids return to Halifax after exploring underwater world
(Halifax, August 21, 2008)—Aquateam, a 13-part kids underwater real-life adventure
series produced by Halifax-based Arcadia Entertainment for Discovery Kids and YTV,
returns from six weeks of international ocean expeditions.
The Aquateam (a diverse group of five girls and three boys ages 12 to 16 who had little
experience with the ocean or diving, all from Nova Scotia, Canada) became certified
open water divers, documented shipwrecks, surveyed historic sites with marine
archaeologists, repaired coral reefs, dove with sharks, turtles, rays, sea lions and
dolphins, searched for lost treasure, discovered underwater caves, experienced night
dives and ʻdriftʼ dives, investigated the infamous undersea ʻRoad to Atlantisʼ,
experienced underwater crime scene investigation and even worked as marine mammal
trainers, all part of their “Aquamissions” that challenged them to learn new skills and
work together to achieve their goals learning about the ocean and exploring the sea.
“On land we have to wait to be old enough,” says Nick (14), one of the now closely knit
Aquateam members, “but on the water we can pilot boats, dive and explore, itʼs
“When we started the kids knew little about the ocean and diving.” says John Wesley
Chisholm, president and producer for Arcadia Entertainment, “Now they have over 50
dives under their belts and have explored some of the most important issues facing the
ocean today.” The kids have explored underwater in exotic locations in the Bahamas,
Key West, the ABC Islands and the British Virgin Islands.
The kids answered an open casting call and were chosen from hundreds of applicants
based on their curiosity and ability to communicate their feelings and experiences for
the show.
“This has been an amazing experience for the kids which they are very keen to share
with the world” says Chisholm, “the series is a totally new type of television program
combining the best of childrenʼs entertainment with grown-up real-life adventure on the
ocean, which our company specializes in.”

Media contact:
For details about Aquateam, series trailer release, stills, and interviews with the
Aquateam, please contact Brad Horvath at (902) 446 3414 (extension 22) or
Arcadia Entertainment is a television production company in Halifax, Nova Scotia
with a special interest in ocean related documentary programs. They have
produced specials and series for Discovery Channel, National Geographic,
History, Vision, CBC, Life, IFC, Historia and Z TV. Their programs have been
broadcast in over 140 countries in 26 languages.

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