Hope For Wildlife Seasons 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 now available ON DEMAND

There’s always Hope.

Hope for Wildlife is a unique wildlife rehab center on Canada’s east coast. Hope Swinimer and her team rescue, rehabilitate and release more than one thousand injured and orphaned animals each year. This documentary series captures the devotion of veterinarians, volunteers and staff struggling to save every animal they can.

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Fresh Hope.

Hope is helping more animals than ever! The founder of Hope for Wildlife rescues more than 1500 injured and orphaned animals each year. Now she’s taking on the city’s stray dogs, too. This documentary series captures Hope for Wildlife’s staff, volunteers and veterinarians in their busiest year ever. Not even international boundaries will stop them from saving every animal they can!

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It’s a whole world of Hope!

Hope Swinimer rescues, rehabilitates and releases thousands
of animals from her home in Nova Scotia. Now she’s hitting the road to learn new techniques, make expert contacts and
help more animals than ever!

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Hope for the Best!

This year Hope for Wildlife is full of changes and challenges. Hope’s losing a key member of her team and taking on more animals than ever. And Hope’s reaching out beyond the rehab – discovering new alliances, species and techniques!

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More Hope than ever!

Winter used to be quiet but now Hope’s patients keep her busy year-round. It’s a revolving door of seals, fawns, beavers, eagles and owls – all needing her help. It’s so busy, Hope’s expanding beyond her little farm. And she’s building a new facility just for marine mammals. Hope and her team continue to take their mission of mercy off the farm and on the road – meeting front-line wildlife rescuers around the world. They’re helping manatees, badgers and hedgehogs – oh my! More animals and more Hope than ever!

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