Marine Machines airs in over 120 countries with National Geographic


Date: January 16, 2005
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Marine Machines begins broadcasting in Canada and over 120 other countries in
partnership with National Geographic in January. Local companies prove Halifax is the
world’s leader in ocean related programs.
Halifax, NS – January 16 – On January 20 Arcadia Entertainment’s newest television series
Marine Machines will begin broadcasting in Canada on History Television, National Geographic
Channel and Z TV (Que.) in conjunction with the international launch of the program in over 120
countries and 26 languages from Vietnam to Germany. The 14 hour long series showcases
technology and people exploring, working and living in the world’s oceans. Local producers
have been circling the world for over a year filming ocean stories for the $2.9 million series.
Halifax is established as a global centre of excellence for ocean films and television. In this new
series Arcadia offers a cutting edge look at what’s going on on the ocean.
“We are adventurers and explorers and we have only scratched the surface or the depth of the
ocean,” says Jean-Michael Cousteau, one of the many ocean experts who participated in the
series, “It’s the availability of equipment that makes me able to go deeper, and stay longer, and
explore more.”
Marine Machines features many never before seen stories of the sea
The series features close up looks at iceberg cowboys who wrangle ice from the path of rigs in
the North Atlantic, world record scuba dives, new ocean power sources, high seas hospital
ships, the fastest boats, super secret stealth ships, undersea habitats, Hollywood filmmaking
underwater, giant dredgers and even a story about commercial divers who have to dive in raw
sewage to get the job done.
The Marine Machines series is a fast fun tour of the new technology reaching out to our ocean
“Though few people go to sea today, nearly 80% of the world’s population lives within a day’s
travel of the sea,” says John Wesley Chisholm series creator, “our connection with the sea is
undeniable and we are just beginning to develop the technology to truly understand the power
and mystery of our ocean planet.”
International Partnership with National Geographic opens many doors for local company
Working with Nat Geo on the series opened many doors for Arcadia and will put the series on
television sets around the world. Google National Geographic Marine Machines to see some of
the international attention the series has gained leading up to broadcast.
Arcadia Entertainment is a Halifax based television production company. John Wesley Chisholm
has been producing ocean related documentary series and specials in Halifax since 1995.

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