Ocean Parks premiers on Love Nature!

Ocean Parks explores spectacular protected marine habitats, showcasing the incredible wildlife living above and below the surface.

What is being done to protect the most-sensitive areas of the earth’s oceans? How do scientists and officials protect delicate marine habitats near bustling beaches and tourist hotspots? What are the endangered creatures whose lives hang in the balance?

The story of these complex ecosystems begins from the bottom up. Fragile corals reefs, sea grass meadows and tangles of mangroves provide nursery habitats for juvenile fish and protection from the open ocean. The little fish attract bigger fish. Turtles rest on the surface and crawl ashore to dig their nests. Sea lions, sharks and whales patrol the edges where the depths descend into the deep blue.

Ocean Parks bursts with all the color, life and natural beauty of the underwater world – while telling the story of mankind’s efforts to protect it.

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