Swingin’ Jubilee now available ON DEMAND

Swingin’ Jubilee is a TV show about a struggling big band, The Jubilee Swing Orchestra, inviting guest vocalist to perform at swing dance shows. Singers from all genres of music are invited on the show where they work on songs with the orchestra and ultimately perform in front of a live swing dance audience. Band leader John Wesley Chisholm balances the business of running a big band wijh the creative and social aspects of performing for an enthusiastic crowd of dedicated dancers.

The songs in the show are a mix of authentic big band material, guest vocalist’s original hits and unexpected swing versions of pop songs. During rehearsals viewers get an intimate view into the musical lives of the guests and a rare backstage story of the creative process

The JUBILEE SWING ORCHESTRA picks up where the big bands of the swing era left off. It’s a traditional, acoustic based swing band dedicated lo swing music for dancing and socializing.

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