America Over The Edge

Broadcasters – Smithsonian Channel and Knowledge Network Travel 50,000 kilometres over America’s Eastern Seaboard Like you’ve never seen it before. America Over the Edge blazes a trail along an incredible frontier – an aerial journey high above the features that define the United States – tracing one of the most diverse coastlines in the world, and revealing[…]

Canada 360

Broadcasters – Smithsonian Channel and Knowledge Network   A 5-year, 20,000 kilometre circumnavigation over the longest coastline on earth, from sea, to sea, to sea. “Canada 360” is an epic adventure – a first ever, five-year circumnavigation of the world’s longest coastline. This never-before-seen view of Canada from above – narrated by documentary director Andrew Killawee[…]

Ocean Parks

Broadcaster – Love Nature   Ocean Parks explores spectacular protected marine habitats, showcasing the incredible wildlife living above and below the surface. What is being done to protect the most-sensitive areas of the earth’s oceans? How do scientists and officials protect delicate marine habitats near bustling beaches and tourist hotspots? What are the endangered creatures whose[…]

The Living Beach

Broadcaster – Love Nature   In this series we visit some of the world’s most amazing beaches to visually discover the secrets of the living beach. How do beaches function? Where do the waves come from, and why are they always parallel to the shore, no matter which way the shore faces? Where does sand come[…]

Wild Wild East

Broadcaster – Love Nature   Wild Wild East is a sprawling 4K natural history series set on the jagged coast of Canada’s eastern shore. The series reveals the secret lives and untold tales of wildlife in the Maritime Provinces – from urban red foxes on pristine beaches of Prince Edward Island to a humpback whale haven[…]

Reef Wrecks

Broadcaster – Love Nature There are more than 3 million known shipwreck sites in the world. Some hold riches – others reveal lost history. But the most spectacular wrecks are the ones that simply refuse to die. They are known as Reef Wrecks. Reef Wrecks are the true treasures of the underwater world – part of[…]

Animal Empires

Broadcaster – Love Nature There are special places in the world where animals gather to feed, to mate, to live, to build, to be safe and to die. In each episode of Animal Empires we visit these places. Loud, crowded, beautiful and dangerous, these places are both ancient and imperiled. Some are natural and some are[…]

Hope For Wildlife

Broadcaster – Love Nature, Oasis HD, Knowledge Network   In Canada’s rugged east coast wilderness each year Hope Swinimer’s HOPE FOR WILDLIFE organization nurses thousands of sick, injured, abandoned and lost animals back to health and returns them to their natural habitat. Hope for Wildlife, Season four is currently is post production at Arcadia. Air dates[…]


Broadcasters – Smithsonian Channel and Knowledge Network   CANADA OVER THE EDGE is back for another season of exploration—this time zooming in on the vast, unexplored regions of Northern Canada. The boreal forest, barren landscape, and ice-covered peaks cover nearly 4 million square kilometers, and represent 40% of the country. From Sirmilik National Park on Baffin[…]

Deadly Journeys of the Apostles

Broadcaster – History Canada, National Geographic JERUSALEM TO THE NORTH Though their stories cannot be found in the Bible, legends claim that Apostles Jude, John and James the Less embarked north, and their martyrdom enshrines them in history. Join us as we look at myth and folklore, exploring the scope of these fabled journeys. MESSENGERS[…]